Amazing installation in Berlin with Montana GOLD’s Flowing Color Palette!

Quintessenz is an artist duo from Hannover and Berlin, originally formed by Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic. They both met at HAWK Hildesheim (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildsheim) in 2006 and since then they have been working together on film, installation and painting projects for a long time. Their abstract works make reference to the environments in which they are made. Structures and compositions are filtered from space and translated into pictures or installations. The final result of these two artist is a subtle tension that both have explored in many different studies and contrasts created by adding color. Recently they did “COLORMAZE”, an installation built as a labyrinth by using colored modules, allowing visitors to travel through different worlds of color…



Light and shadow underscored the modules’ repetitive visual aesthetics. Each module comprises 20 to 40 shades of color and they coordinated to yield harmonious gradients, from multi-chromatic to monochrome, from dark to light. Around 24 modules in various formats. Altogether, they consumed nearly 1000 Montana spray cans. With a total of 170 different shades from Montana GOLD spray paint. They installed and moved 8,5 tons of wood. Over 10,000 screws turned in and several liters of white lacquer used for priming. QUINTESSENZ “COLORMAZE” INSTALLATION



The main attraction of Quintessenz in all works, whether 2D or 3D, is primarily based on color and its properties. Objects and paintings refer to the surroundings and still stand out. Something’s shown in Color sequences as in the installation Colormaze create interaction with the viewer. In the installation the color selection shows a complete color circle, so each visitor can be found in a color world, simply by the clothes or on the more subtle emotional level. Color sequences can be found in everyday life, but also in very special moments such as the skies / clouds or the process of an autumn leaf.




MONTANA GOLD TRUE COLOR SWATCHBeside the fantastic artwork itself, it’s a great presentation of the flowing Montana Cans color system as they play with gradients from the Montana GOLD Color Range! #MontanaCans #GermanSpraypaint #Quintessenz


This article was published in the Montana Cans LOOKBOOK 2018
Photography by Quintessenz | Text by Enriqueta Arias

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