At the 31st of August, the 9th IBUg 2014 in Crimmitschau, Germany came to an end. Despite a rainy sunday almost 6200 visitors made it to the urban art festival during the weekend. Going down at two different places, the area around Schützenplatz and the former Brothers Pfau clothmill, this unique festival had a lot to offer: Around 100 Artists from 10 different countries such as Germany, France, Greece, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand and South Korea transformed those two relicts of saxonian textile industry into a synthesis oft he arts by graffitis, murals, paintings, video projections, illustrations, installations and performances within a week-long creative phase. The line up of the festival included artists like. See more images after jump.

IBUg2014_Review-001_Pic-by-Thomas-Dietze IBUg2014_Review-004_Pic-by-Thomas-Dietze IBUg2014_Review-005_Pic-by-Thomas-Dietze

Loomit (Munich), Alaniz und C aro Pepe aka Geduldig (both Argentina ) , HiFi (Dortmund), Atem (Frankfurt), Amin und Sokra (both France), El Bocho, Quintessenz und Innerfields (all Berlin) , Benuz (Mexico), Beastiestylez (Munich), Threehouse, Bond und Flamat (all Leipzig), Simo (Dresden), Bender (Ruhr), Chakkarat Wongthirawat (Thailand), Young Joo Lee (South Korea), Zone56 (Glauchau), Michael Ritzmann (Erfurt), Herzblut Kunst (Chemnitz), Bastian Wibranek und Saul Judd (USA), Elmar Karla (Bremen), Farbgefühl (Jena), Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt) , Fotis Sagonas (Greece), Akuma und Digo (both Brazil), Peter Pypec (Poland), Hannes Michanek (Sweden) or Parham Mortazavian (Iran), to name just a few…

IBUg2014_Review-006_Pic-by-Thomas-Dietze IBUg2014_Review-007_Pic-by-Thomas-Dietze IBUg2014_Review-008_Pic-by-Thomas-Dietze IBUg2014_Review-013_Pic-by-Cornelia-Heimer IBUg2014_Review-017_Pic-by-Cornelia-Heimer.jpg IBUg2014_Review-020_Pic-by-Cornelia-Heimer.jpg IBUg2014_Review-022_Pic-by-Cornelia-Heimer.jpg IBUg2014_Review-023_Pic-by-Cornelia-Heimer.jpg IBUg2014_Review-024_Pic-by-Cornelia-Heimer.jpg

The visitors were impressed by the huge variety and the extraordinary dimensions of the artwork. They also could enjoy an enormous supporting program including guided tours, movies, talks and lectures, fashion and music shows and of course the traditional IBUg parties. Besides lots of locals art-fans from all over Germany found their way to Crimmitschau. With their project the makers of IBUg wanted to prove, that urban art can also be exhibited successfully in a rural area. And so they did. A so far unique part of the special IBUg-feeling in Crimmitschau was the friendly footing with the local residents. They did not just supply the artists at Schützenplatz with coffee and cake, they also offered their house fronts and facades as canvases. That way whole streets became galleries.

IBUg2014_Review-025_Pic-by-Susan-Fankhaehnel IBUg2014_Review-027_Pic-by-Susan-Fankhaehnel IBUg2014_Review-031_Pic-by-Susan-Fankhaehnel IBUg2014_Review-32_Pic-by-Susan-Fankhaehnel IBUg2014_Review-033_Pic-by-Susan-Fankhaehnel IBUg2014_Review-034_Pic-by-Susan-Fankhaehnel

For further information and impressions go online at www.ibug-art.de or www.facebook.com/ibugart.

Picture credits:
Impressions of the IBUg 2014 in Crimmitschau, Germany (® Thomas Dietzte, Cornelia Heimer, Susan Fankhähnel)