A Video Recap with a lot of perspective

Human beings build their opinion subject to their experiences. The nearer an experience is to somebody, the clearer an opinion may become, and the greater the conviction to want to do something positive about it. Tré Packard and his team at the PangeaSeed Foundation is well aware of this. Which is possibility why they have made it their aim to bring as many ocean issues as near as possible to the citizens of the earth through their positive ARTivism achieved with the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project.

Making changes through art activism

The program has been running since 2013 with over 400 murals in over 17 countries. One of the supportive host cities Boston, in the USA, has a unique position in its relationship to the sea. Something that enabled a multitude of world caliber artists to bring their perspectives and messages of hope and sea activism, forward to the masses. Proving that a small splash of color and effort can make an ocean of change. Beyond the finished murals of the 2021 Sea ​Walls event, the artists brought with them their own spirit, opinion, and perspective on each of their chosen sea topics. In a beautifully crafted video recap, we hear how each person relates and responds to what is important to them in the mural they have created. Can by can, stroke by stroke, we see how the the Montana BLACK and GOLD colors come alive with the brush work and the surfaces they are being applied to. With the words from the creators themselves, we are given an even deeper perspective and invitation to explore into what we see before us. Take a moment to delve into these perspectives and enjoy the sensory ride captured in the PangeaSeed Foundations “Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans – Boston 2021 Video Recap”.

Artists sharing artistic perspectives

All images by ©Tré Packard | @pangeaseed Foundation 2021