After a racy tact for 2019, round 2 of the SECRET WARS battle at the ALTEN MÜNZE in Berlin was set ablaze for 2020. With the BOLD markers at the ready, art was made in black on white and only style could win the race. In one corner the SCRIBBLEHOLICS team defending their title. In the other, BERLIN BLOCK LINERS ready to flex their creative muscle. Both teams finished on time within the 90 minute limit with rich works full of details and content.



The BERLIN BLOCK LINERS took the first point winning the crowd applause with 111,8 db vs. 111 db. The second point submitted by the judge Petra Branke (aka the Berlin Martha Cooper) went to BERLIN BLOCK LINERS as well. The final point issued for the sale of the artwork again went to BERLIN BLOCK LINERS who managed to snare 300€ for their picture, versus the SCRIBBLEHOLICS that raised 200€ for theirs. A total of 500€ for the Viva con Agua charity and a 3:0 win to the BERLIN BLOCK LINERS.

Congratulations to the teams and we look forward to the BERLIN BLOCK LINERS returning to defend their title in SECRET WARS BERLIN in round 3 in the near future. Watch this space and take a moment to see how the night unfolded thanks to photographic capture by Felix Schamkrug.

Artwork by Scribbleholics

Artwork by Berlin Block Liners

Images by ©Felix Schamkrug

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