Secret Wars – Back to where it all began

32 rounds ago, HAMBURG, GERMANY saw the beginning of what is now the epic drawing battle, SECRET WARS. With Montana BOLD markers in hand and a room full of bearded critics with beers and beats, the 32nd battle was as tough for the two teams DOTU and JEROMI as it was for the onlookers. While DJ Plazebo played the tunes to heighten the mood, the two teams put their heads together to try and out do each others artwork. 10 Minutes in and team JEROMI was taking control of 3 fresh creatures. Team DOTU took a little longer as they rolled out a Part 2 to their last comic artwork from their previous SECRET WARS battle.

90 Minutes later and a discission was made. Team DOTU with a 2:1 vote took the prize and the auctioned artwork raised 950€ for its sale. Photographer Phillip Bischoff was there on the night to capture the moment in pixels. And an apology from the organizers was loud and proud for all the poor spectators that didn’t make it into the packed out venue. Take a look at throw the evening rolled out and stay tuned for round 33…

All images by Phillip Bischoff