SOBEKCIS is known for their impressive, eye popping artwork. Bold ideas with even bolder colors are the norm for them. Regardless of if they are painting letters or abstract compositions. Not afrad of color the team often reach for the Montana GOLD or BLACK line colors for their artworks. To celebrate the release of the newly improved Montana BLACK INFRA color formula, we thought we would arm the boys with the new INFRA colors and see what they came up with. “Eye popping” wasn’t quite enough to describe the dynamic letters that radiated off the wall.

Sobekcis goes FLUORESCENT

In true SOBEKCIS style we were treated to some rounded form letters, and some straight letters. The subtle nod to the humble throw up and classic graffiti piece. All in new school INFRA colors that didn’t exist back when graffiti was finding its way. Luckily we can share it with you here.

All images by the artist – SOBEKCIS

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