Maser from Ireland recently travelled to USA for a huge mural project. Here are the pictures and some words from the man himself:

“I was given the opportunity to travel to America. After reading the book ‘The Famine Diary” I was inspired to communicate a message of hope and appreciation to the Irish abroad. The Irish are deep rooted in American history. The longer I stayed, the more I understood this. I had the idea to export the talents of the Irish. We are known through history for excelling when abroad. So I contacted the artists Jim FitzPatrick and Damien Dempsey and told them my idea of a collaboration. ..

“…I have a sketch of Jim’s from 15years ago illustrating St.Patrick, it was fitting to my idea and timing (Paddy’s Day) Damo as usual, provided inspirational words , clear and to the point. I painted the supersized wall in Fort Smith, Arkansas, located in the middle of the US. I loved every minute painting. I felt more like a messanger rather than a artist. I prefer this role. Surrounded by beautiful people, it was a home away from home, I became a part of the Fort Smith family.” -Maser

click the image to see complete walls

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