Eindhoven in the Netherlands has a lot to be proud of. One particularly special event that has been doing the city proud for 10 consecutive years is the “Step In The Arena” graffiti festival. The now famous hall of fame “Berenkuil” (The Bear Pit) which is the home of SITA, see’s multitutes of national and international graffiti artists come and empty Montana BLACK, Montana GOLD and Montana WHITE cans, day in-day out. But for SITA, every artist pulls out the best they can achieve. And with a dedicated team of organisers, sponsors (such as Montana Cans) and volunteers, SITA prides itself as one of the worlds biggest graffiti festivals.

10 Year Anniversary of SITA Eindhoven

This year on June 8th and 9th, over 150 artists were featured to celebrate the 10th year running for the event. With too much style in one meeting than any graffiti artist or enthusiast to fathom, SITA 2019 was a monumental as you could imagine.

The featured artists delivering the color were
Aroe (UK), Zmogk (RUS), Deih (ES), Fat heat (HUN), Made514 (ITA), Babs (F), Ceser87 (ES), Neist (FR), Rate (Bul), Corn 79 (ITA), HrvB (D), Riot 1394 (D), Dart (SE), Daan Botlek (NL), Bios (UKR), Truba (RUS), Angeltoren (ES), Nilko (FR), Chas (NL), Dater (D), Nash (NL), Reser (ITA), Puaks (NL), Saker (ES), Karski&Beyond (NL), Klaas Lageweg (NL), Dzia (B), Druid (NL), Bier en Brood (NL), Novadead (B), Semor (D), Pout (D), Fork 4 (HUN), Angel26 (HUN), Derm (B), Norm (D), Defo (B), Wert (D), Mister (NL), Fleks (NL), Gomad (NL), Obskur87 (D), Nasty Sons (NL), Zime&Sektie (NL), Olivier Schimmel (NL), Dphazer (NL), Cosh (NL), Dopie (NL), Simian Switch (NL), PSO man (B), Tobias Klash (NL), Kinos (NL), Rize (B), Sept, (NL), Inca (NL), Basic, (NL),Nozm (NL), Puse (NL), Mark126 (D), Blur (D),Weird (NL),Font (NL), Grim (NL), Savie (NL), Moron (NL), Deus (NL), Jack (NL), Neas (NL), Talib (NL), Sunk (NL), Cry (NL), Dilk (UK), Deshamer (NL), Ros (NL), Spoce (NL), Dusk (NL), Sign (NL), Serge Kortenbroek (NL), Tank City Pirates (D), B-Art (B), Ovao27 (D), Ynot (FR), Maedist (NL),Shuen (GR), Limitless (NL),Hema (NL),Poen (NL), More (D), Banega (LT), Pese (UK), Riot (UK), Tres (NL), Knal (NL), Ubel (D),Alpha (NL), Phan (NL), Real (NL), Uno (NL), Narcose (NL), Clone (NL), Sapo (NL),Kush (NL), Marie (NL), Fokus (FR), Bar (NL), PiPo (NL), Briks (NL), Zoyer (FR), Elrond (ES), Heksr (NL),Nerks (UK), Seeone (BUL), Kymo (B), Yellowfat crew (ITA), Octofly Art (ITA), RoosArt (NL),Tomas Lacque (FR), Darry Perier (FR), Elph (UK).

Dave van den Berg and his team didn’t let anyone down and with some click assistance from @lukedaduke, the whole event was recorded in digital history. The Berenkuil was a blaze of talent and inspiration as the Emoves team did all the right pre-event warming up at http://emoves.nl/#all and https://www.facebook.com/stepinthearena/ .

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