There is no ongoing, solely graffiti based event in the world that has been running for as many consecutive years as the BRIDGE JAM in Drogheda, Ireland. Born of a simple intent for friends to paint both sides of the Bridge of Peace in Drogheda (in one session), the event has grown and morphed into a graffiti melting pot and meeting point for local and international artists. “The” place to flex your creative muscle in Ireland. As an Irish writer, saying you have painted at the Bridge Jam is like being able to say you have been up the Eifel Tower for a tourist in Paris. This massive bridge boasts 2 large walls that have housed thousands of layers of paint over the last 24 years. Which is why Montana Cans is proud to support the event as a lot of those layers are Montana BLACK or Montana GOLD.

Bridge of Peace- Drogheda, Ireland


“This year there is something special planned” said RASK prior to the event. In the role as organizer and motivator behind the event, Rask has been there since day one. But that something special was beyond graffiti. During the event, participating artist Basik asked his partner Raq to marry him. She said yes and the burners continued on in the background.

Making Of

Take a look here to see what went down at BRIDGE JAM 24.


As with each year, the international heavy hitters, locals and onlookers arrived just in time. 2018 saw attendance from the likes of Beta, Ekto Ethos, Tiws, Basik and Space to name a few. Local legends Movs, Aches, Vents, Ciar, Sums, Fact and Rask himself, also flew the Irish flag with a united team of Northern and Souther Irish writers.