A visit to Vienna for the Belgrade-based artistic duo SOBEKCIS means a lot more than just a visit to a foreign city. On a recent trip to the Austrian capital, it wasn’t just an opportunity to exhibit some works on paper, create a mural in the Montana Store Vienna Gallery, create a mural for the Vienna Art Week, and release their new embossed fine-art print, but it is also a chance to return to the city where the brothers spent time living during their university studies. An occasion to combine doing what they love, in a place that feels familiar.

Re-capping the release of the limited edition SOBEKCIS embossed fine-art prints

Although the focus of the project was releasing a limited edition fine art print, a small collection of works on paper was complemented by an outstanding mural that had more going on than what viewers saw on the surface. For the mural, SOBEKCIS chose to work with a minimal Mattisse inspired composition. Brushstroke shapes were reduced to silhouette-type shapes, resulting in a minimization of detail while retaining their usual esthetic of jagged edges and solid opaque color. Color that was delivered via their chosen array of Montana GOLD and BLACK cans that left behind their usual unmistakable level of impact.

Less is more, the silhouette as a focal point

The notion of the silhouette continued through to the motifs in the exhibited works on paper and the feature limited edition embossed fine-art print release. The print, which is available in the Montana Store Vienna Gallery and their online store, displays a high level of competence that the SOBEKCIS brothers have become renowned for in both their fine-art and wall-based works. The addition of textures on the printed artwork and the other works on paper all fit within a greater concept when hanging in the on-site mural. A mural that takes the experience of visiting the Montana Store Vienna to a whole other level.

Indoor, outdoor, instore

It is fair to say that SOBEKCIS consciously walks the line between art from the streets and art in the confinements of the white cube. With success in both fields, it appears that every creative step they take takes whichever style of artwork their making into inspiring new realms. Take a moment to familiarize yourself here with the artwork.

Photograpghy by Montana Store Vienna