Video Recap of last year’s 5th anniversary painting of “THE WEIRD” at Linz. Enjoy! It has been 5 years already since “THE WEIRD” joined forces. Of course this had to be celebrated with a couple of big Murals. Mural Harbor invited the crew to Linz (Austria) to paint as much as they felt like. VIDAM, HRVB, ROOKIE and FRAU ISA painted their Version of “the four seasons” while LOOK, CONE, DXTR and NYCHOS were working on their own weird concepts. Every Member had his own Mural done within two weeks followed by a Group Show at RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT ARTSPACE in Vienna. Video by Christian Fischer – Music by Mr. Airplane Man – Sun Sinking Lo. See more Impression of MURAL HARBOR at Linz here!


Video Recap 5th anniversary THE WEIRD

See more Impression of MURAL HARBOR at Linz here!
© Photography by Selimeins