In a recent post we featured The London Police’s new mural called, “900 dogs by a chocolate factory”. Painted for the Stadt Wand Kunst (SWK) project in Mannheim Germany, as good as the documentation pictures were, these iconic street artists still brewed up a lot of interest from the Montana Cans audience as to how the mural actually took shape. Which context, which order, how big it really is and so on. With this in mind we are happy to feature the video re-cap of the creation of this serious, yet tongue in cheek artwork. With a showcase of the iconic “LADS” characters known as the TLP’s signature symbols, this time the LADS took form by way of dog shapes and now look over the inner Mannheim streetscapes. Take another look at how Montana Cans and Markers took to the TLP crew for an 8 day, 4 person painting adventure. Check it out here:

See the Making of Images

Photography by © Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans