English artist VOYDER has been getting quite a bit of attention of late. Not just from us, but from all over the web. There is no shame in his game, he earns a bit of extra shine as the work he is doing at the moment is innovative and no less then inspirational. Not just a fan of Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD colors, VOYDER has been known to empty a Montana SILVERCHROME or two. And happily with a TARBLACK. But recently he hit a bulls eye with a monochrome Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT painting. VOYDER Transparent workout

Taking the Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT colors to new levels

If you imagine a stylish tag made with an unshaken mop marker, or a marking ink that just wasn’t quite right. Then enlarge it to graffiti piece size and give it a black background, then you are only getting close to what VOYDER achieved using only Montana GOLD TRANSPARENT white on black. At a closer look, this simple color scheme hides some extremely complex paint work and conception. See for yourself here.

Images by the artist Voyder