Enter the colorful universe of KEAR, the gifted graffiti artist from the STK crew, based in Sweden. His skill lies in crafting engaging graffiti with sleek letters and dynamic styles. His tool of choice? None other than Montana GOLD and BLACK cans. KEAR recently gave us a peek into his recent works from across the globe.

Creating Visual Symphonies

His journey took him from his home city, Stockholm, to vibrant Miami and sunny Lloret de Mar, creating standout pieces in 2022 and 2023. At Art Basel, a renowned art event in Miami, he collaborated with Kems, Grab, Tragek, Rekal, and Maple. In Spain, he joined forces with SoCool for a delightful holiday mural.

Vibrant Palette: From Toffee to Universe

KEAR’s artwork is a testament to the versatility of Montana cans. For his Spanish piece, he chose the shade Toffee as a backdrop. Other striking colors like Imperator, Snow White, Neptune, and Universe can be seen in his different works. His arsenal? Just the original cap and the Montana BLACK stock cap, showcasing a range of effects. His favorite Montana colors include Koi, Lollipop, Falling, Pimp Violet, Sorrento Blue, Troops, Rust, and Sushi. Each color adds a distinct character to his creations. Stay updated with KEAR’s journey on his Instagram@kearstk.

All images by artist KEAR