WALLCOME Festival – Midsession. The urban art festival WALLCOME now enters its third round. Schmalkalden will proudly welcome two internationally renowned artists for the Midsession from 11 to 21 August. For the opening in late June, the German artists ECB and Case (the latter also co-initiator of WALLCOME) presented the Thuringian town with two new ‘inhabitants’ in the shape of mural-portraits. Shortly after, the Polish artist M-City gave a demonstration of stencil art at its finest.  See more images after jump.

Falk-Lehmann-Pixel01 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel02

He used 90 stencils to complete his mural of a roundhouse which makes Schmalkalden part of the unique M-City Project. Now more guests from different countries and with different styles enter the small town bordering the Thuringian Forest. The Italian artist Pixelpancho takes the viewer to a lost world where rusty robots endure their existence in oblivion. Yet, his work is not removed from our time: Historical and contemporary references constantly invade his surreal world. Each work tells part of a story in a steadily growing universe. The second artist of the Midsession hails from Tel Aviv and calls himself Know Hope. His work comprises not only classical murals, but also assemblages, site-specific installation art or simply lines of text. Although Know Hope himself denies being a political artist, his works reflect questions of identity, borders and shared humanity; questions which shape and mirror his life in the midst of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Falk-Lehmann-Pixel03 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel04 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel05 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel06 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel07 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel08 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel09 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel10 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel11 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel12 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel13 Falk-Lehmann-Pixel14 MikeDeichmann_KnowHope003 MikeDeichmann_KnowHope005 MikeDeichmann_KnowHope009 MikeDeichmann_KnowHope016 MikeDeichmann_KnowHope022 MikeDeichmann_KnowHope028bjoern schorr - pixelpancho bjoern schorr -pixelpancho101MikeDeichmann-M-City 05MikeDeichmann-M-City 07bjoernschorr - mcity 09FalkLehmann_M-City 10FalkLehmann_M-City 13SaschaBuehner-M-City bjoern schorr m-city


WALLCOME Festival – Midsession