In the latter parts of 2018, Germany’s home grown WOW123 took a much needed spray action to the original epicenter of contemporary graffiti, New York. The Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans are no stranger to the South Bronx. And on this trip it was walls, trucks and the TATS crew train that were the targets of choice. If you haven’t been to New York, there is a certain something that the city has that can’t be described. A flavor, a scent, a grit or even the light? For a writer it’s not difficult to explain to another writer, as it is common that this flavor is what fueled the fire for New York subway graffiti all those years ago. Graffiti We created a Monster

Image by the artist – WANE C.O.D

Wow123,Wane C.O.D & Souls truck painting video recap

Luckily, a little bit of that flavor resonates in this short video recap of the truck painted by WOW123, Wane and Souls while in the South Bronx. Take a moment to peep it here.

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