Life is about contrast and what happens in-between. Night and day, young and old, love and hate. For one moment, we focus on the smallest detail and care for it with the greatest care we can take. Then, during another, we need to let go and enjoy the big picture. The contrast of precision and lavishness comes to life in the latest joined work of vast Australia’s Matt Adnate and Eric Mangen from the small country of Luxembourg. They visited Greensboro, North Carolina to join forces for a stunning mural and to honor the native tribes of the state. ADNATE ERIC MANGEN GREENSBORO NC MURAL

Adnate used his sophisticated, globally renown style and the precision of our MONTANA GOLD spray paint to create portraits of indigenous people from the US as well as his home continent. Eric brought the big guns, in form of his unique painting style, 600 gallons of paint and a firetruck – creating a stunning backdrop of color splashes and patterns.. As beautiful and breathtaking the final result may even be, the creation of this massive piece of art is worth a watch as well. Enjoy the video!


Images by the artist Matt Adnate