The Australian artist Matt „Adnate“ has been working with Australian Indigenous people for many years now. A point that Montana-Cans has been proud to support. It has become a fundament of his work and a topic dear to him. As an extension to this it was a dream of his to work with the native American people of North America. Recently this dream came true while touring the US with The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. The Lumbee tribe in Greensboro, North Carolina are often overlooked and not given recognition, despite having a community of over 55,000. Much like Aboriginals, the Native Americans experienced a genocide that stripped them of their land and culture after a European/white invasion. Their depth of culture connects back to the earth, holding the same values as most ancient indigenous populations. Adnate The American Natives Mural

See how with the Montana GOLD Adnates work came to fruition here:

Adnates focus was to create awareness through this mural, highlighting and reminding the public that these people have been here for a time long before most western religions. For Adnate it is important for Westerners to respect and preserve these ancient cultures.

Adnate – Homage to Tibet
On a recent tour of the US, the Australian artist Matt Adnate tackled a subject very close to his heart by way of a large scale mural with fellow artist Li Hill . With some Montana GOLD in hand, Adnate set out to pledge homage and celebration oft he the people of Tibet and to the survival of their culture.

The portrait is of a Tibetan refugee he photographed in India, with the Mandela painted by @jessica.crema . Within the mural is a snow leopard painted by Li-Hillwhich is an important symbol of Tibet and their history. According to Adnates research, Tibet, 2nd to Syrians, are the most oppressed population in the world today and the snow leopard is dangerously endangered. Adnate and Li Hill attempted to create an awareness of these points through the painting of this mural which is why the Tibetan writing translates to awareness, mindfulness. The mural follows the theme Adnate started with a painting done in 2015 of a Tibetan boy in Bushwick.

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