Rotterdam rises for street art culture

The ALL CAPS crew can pat themselves on the back after the successful launch of the very first ALL CAPS event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. ALL CAPS brings graffiti art, street art, fine art, hip hop, street sports, food, music, and fun together in one big beautiful package that for the first time fell between September 4th to September 11th.

The real potential of urban art

Displaying a diverse selection of new art by artists such as David Bruce, BustArt, Franky Sticks, James Klinge, Jelmer Noordeman, Eveline Schram, How and Nosm, Renier Landwehr, Nomad Clan, Ten Hundred, Mondé, Henny Overbeek, Simon Schrikker, EGS, Arno A, Ollio, Zep van der Spek, Base23, Tik Toy, and Miss.Printed, ALL CAPS has proved their change of hats from their previous identity as POW WOW! Rotterdam has not changed its ability to source and curate cutting-edge urban art. From the giant murals of How and Nosm to the optically challenging compositions of Jelmer Noordemaunique, or the unique glass sculptures of iconic Finnish graffiti style writer EGS, ALL CAPS brought the real potential of urban art to the 2000+ visitors that came to see the ALL CAPS extravaganza.

One big beautiful street culture package

For graffiti writers where ever their origin, the name ALL CAPS may strike a chord as the word cap describes the plastic nozzle on the ends of their beloved Montana GOLD and BLACK spray cans, delivering the paint in various widths and forms. However, ALL CAPS goes a lot deeper. A description also relating to the graphically inclined, ALL CAPS gives the nod to the graffiti tradition of writing names and words in all capital letters, as well as the renowned hip-hop artist MF DOOM who was known for writing his name in capital letters.

Widening the pool even further, this team can also include the notion of changing the caps on their heads as they successfully went from wearing the team POW WOW! Rotterdam cap, to team now being team ALL CAPS. We look forward to seeing what is produced by the ALL CAPS media team in the future, but until then let’s recap the initial launch of ALL CAPS 2022.

All images by ALL CAPS Rotterdam