Moscow based artist Dmitri Aske aka Sicksystems is currently painting a big mural in the city of Mannheim. The 28-year-old artist was invited by MONTANA-CANS in cooperation with the Alte Feuerwache Mannheim and the GBG, as well as the project Mannheim2020 initiative. Well known for his excellent graphic artworks the Russian graffiti artist started to paint some huge mural productions in Russia a while ago. ‘The Thinker’ is his first mural outside of his home country… See more images after jump – More info to come!

“the modern Thinker” by ASKE, 2014, Mannheim, Germany



1407_Stadt.Wand.Kunst_ASKE-0082 1407_Stadt.Wand.Kunst_ASKE-0084 1407_Stadt.Wand.Kunst_ASKE-0095 1407_Stadt.Wand.Kunst_ASKE-0104 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-0096 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-0112 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-0129 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-0148 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-0195 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-0168 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-0248 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-9143 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-9191 1407_Stadt-Wand-Kunst_ASKE-9221

You can visit the artist’s website at:
ASKE / SICKSYSTEMS in Mannheim Germany