If there was a place on earth where a golden dragon image would at home, that place would have to be China. As part of the recent Wallskar Festival in Nanxian, German artist BOND TRULUV managed to make content, meet context like never before. With Montana GOLD in hand, his golden dragon image came to life, color by color. With an almost inhuman ability to use spray paint to create images that generate luminosity, BOND’s name stood strong in amidst the dragons steely gaze, in a flower filled urban landscape, that itself was full of life and color. BOND TRULUV GOLDEN DRAGON PAINTING IN CHINA

Wallskar Festival in Nanxian

BOND TRULUV – Golden Dragon painting in China

A delight for the local people whom seemed at ease with BOND’s presence, the mural is bold and strong. The work shows many layers of effects and skills that the artist has accumulated over many years of art making. Enjoy the view here!

Images by the graffiti artist – Bond Truluv

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