Two weeks ago, SatOne was invited to be part of the Rivertales-Festival in Giessen / Germany, where he realized his new 10 x 20 m mural on the top level of a car park near the city center. Referring to the surrounding, SatOne was influenced by the immediate impact: The front and rear parts of the parked vehicles, as these are the striking and repetitive shapes you notice when facing the wall in between the line of cars. BREAKING MONOTONY MURAL SatOne


When looking closer, the viewer can discover an eccentric interpretation of the car bodies and its most common color schemes nowadays: Black, grey and silver. SatOne inserted chaotic patterns and distorted elements into his painting, to visually disturb this monotony while still maintaining the rectangular shape of the parking as the overall frame / composition.

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“BURIED HORIZONS” MURAL BY SatOne – Paris, France 2017