The German based urban artist Andres von Chrzanowski aka CASE Maclaim travelled to Buenos Aires lately, where he did a new mural concerning a serious topic. During his stay he learned a lot about social workers taking care of unprivileged children. Influenced by that, his new wall painting „MAMA ARGENTINA“ in the area of La Boca deals with these hard working women. CASE NEW MURAL MAMA ARGENTINA BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA

Here’s what the artists says about the artwork:

„Hold on tight to your children, give them strength and love, give them freedom to move and protect their souls! This mural for the beautiful people Distrito Arte was very much inspired by the hard working females at one of the shelters of La Boca where they feed the kids in need with love and homemade food!“CASE

photography by Andreas von Chrzanowski

The MONTANA-CANS supported artist, founding member of the Maclaim crew, is widely known for his photorealistic aesthetic. Follow him for frequent updates!

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