The ARCADE gallery in Kaohsiung City- Taiwan, is an active wheel turning in the Asian contemporary Urban Art machine. Not only do they show art, support urban art projects and curate graffiti related artworks, they also assist in the management and creation of large scale murals all over their city. Recently as part of the Arcade Gallery’s mural curation works, Kaohsiung City was given the Hispanic touch by Chilean artists Cekis, Mexican artist Werc and Spanish artist Murone. None of which are afraid of color making Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD their weapons of choice. With stormy, tropical looking grey skies as back drops, their artworks were far from grey. Each building they painted came to life. Natural, form based and character based visual ideas are now bursting with vibrance and a welcomed addition to the Kaohsiung City streetscape. Take a look and benefit from the cultural interchange here.

Taiwan gets the Hispanic touch

CEKIS, WERC & MURONE Murals in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Artist CEKIS


Artist WERC

All images by photographer PAC (黃思強)