The former quiet little town of Tumby Bay in South Australia, may not be on the radar as a world metropolis. (yet).. You wouldn’t think that though if you were there between April 12th and April 14th, 2019. Infact during this time the area fires up into a blaze of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK fueled color as the Tumby Bay Street Art Festival comes to life.

Tumby Bay in a blaze of color

The festival lights up the walls of this Australian, growing street art hotspot with a combination of local and international artists. This year saw the return of Melbourne based artist ADNATE, again focusing on his portrait/aboriginal inspired murals. But it didn’t stop there. Thanks to the work of Juddy Roller Street Art Consultancy, the Tumby Bay locals also watched as Sofles (AUS), Caratoes (BE)., Choq (FR), Elle (USA), Insane51 (GR), Jack Fran (AUS), Jack Pedler (AUS), Josh Harris (AUS), Kitt Bennett (AUS) and Lauren YS (USA) do their thing.


As part of the building better regions project, Tumby Bay is no longer quiet. At least not all of the time. And if the sound isn’t being created sonically, it is well and truely happening visually. Take a moment here to share the Bay’s color.

Images by Juddy Roller (@juddyroller) and Kevin Vo (@kevinvo12)