The Russian artist Dmitri ASKE has often been featured on the Montana Cans blog. The question why is never asked. It is obvious why as his work is as impressive as the places he creates it in. Often those places are quite monumental. Or at least it seems that way for an outsider. In a recent work, he put down the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans that he usually uses for an acrylic mural of a unique kind. However he did grab for the Montana ACRYLIC paint range when it came time for details. Take a look for yourself here.

Dmitri ASKE wooden mosaic in Moscow

Leningradsky railway terminal gets a 500sqm makeover

The work installed at the terminal of the Leningradsky railway station, a 500sqm ASKE makeover occurred in the form of a wooden mosaic. This large mural consisted of the now famous ASKE mosaic technique where the image was divided into opaque color blocks to form the figurative shapes and forms of the image. Each block a formed piece of wood with undeniably solid color, as convincing as the artwork itself as a whole.

Dmitri ASKE wooden mosaic in Moscow

The station which is the oldest in Moscow, transformed from its traditionally dull color scheme to a vibrant new facelift. As a terminal catering to hundreds of thousands of passengers each year, the space that is a functional and necessary one is now a more aesthetic one, for all to enjoy while underway.

Images by the artist Dmitri ASKE