The versatile Russian artist Dmitri Aske has recently painted two murals in one of the most famous Moscow parks called VDNKh All-Russia Exhibition Centre. The murals were commissioned as part of the Public Art program curated by Artmossphere which has been taking place in the park since May. Aske painted the murals in two distinct styles, both easily recognizable and stunning. The smaller mural, ‘Patience’, was painted in an arbour and is full of curves and bright colours. The bigger mural, ‘Sisters’, painted over a small building, is more geometric and collage-like. ‘I wanted to paint something that will not only visually enrich the park environment but something that people can ponder on and relate to,’ — said the artist.

Dmitri Aske_patience_03
Dmitri Aske_patience_01Dmitri Aske_patience_02 Dmitri Aske_patience_04 Dmitri Aske_sisters_01 Dmitri Aske_sisters_02 Dmitri Aske_sisters_03 Dmitri Aske_sisters_04 Dmitri Aske_sisters_05 Dmitri Aske_sisters_06 Dmitri Aske_sisters_07

All the photos are courtesy of the artist. For more works visit Dmitry Aske’s website