The rise of FELIPE PANTONE reaches the 17th floor of the development of his abstract artworks. His newest mural in the Portuguese capital Lisbon is his highest mural so far and covers the 49 meters high facade with a colorful geometric pattern that appears like a pixelated version of one of his well-known color transitions. The mural „Chromadynamica for Lisbon“ was produced for LISBON WEEK and curated by Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon, were he opened the exhibition “Artifact To Human Communication” the same day the artist and his team finished the mural.


FELIPE PANTONE Chromadynamica for Lisbon

The work on this impressive mural took four days and it can be seen as a part of exhibited works that show „a reflection on the nature of the work of art and communication in this age of excessive information.“ I you are in Portugal, don’t miss to visit the FELIPE PANTONE exhibition “Artifact To Human Communication” at Underdogs Gallery which is open until April 22nd 2017. Of course, you shouldn’t miss to take a look on the mural „Chromadynamica for Lisbon“. It can be found near the station of Quinta das Conchas. It’s huge, great and definitely worth a visit!


FELIPE PANTONE is an Argentinian-Spanish artist. He started doing graffiti at the age of 12. He graduated with a Fine Art degree in Valencia (Spain) where his studio is based. Felipe travels the world ceaselessly with his art. His work has been exhibited all over Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.


“Felipe Pantone’s work is at the cutting edge of street art. Straddling conventional graffiti, typography and abstraction, his work fuses bold elements of graphic design with highly evolved geometric shapes to create an ultra-modern aesthetic which complements and reacts with the stark modernity of our cityscapes. Drawing on our concerns of the digital age and the speed at which technology is developing, Pantone’s art is like looking several light years ahead into the future and discovering a new language in which to communicate.”

Source: – James Buxton. Global Street-Art



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