We at MONTANA support a few humanitarian causes. AptArt ist one that is very dear to our hearts. Our partnership goes back a many years, when we decided to support AptArt’s motivation to provide conflict affected youth an artistic experience and give them an opportunity to express themselves. Awareness and Prevention through art ist the slogan under which they help children address the conflicts and distress they and their family are under in a creative and positive way.

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AptArt’s project in Syria & Jordan are strongly supported by other organizations also, such as Mercy Corps based in Portland, Oregon. Backing AptArt’s operation is very much in line with their mission to Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. This beneficial partnership in cooperation with MONTANA Cans  has resulted in an exhibition of artwork that was created by Syria’s youth. Fears, hopes and visions of the future have taken form on walls and created public canvasses for the young people to regain their sense of personal safety and recover from the immense psychological stress that is caused by living in crisis. These intimate, yet powerful pieces are soon going to be on display in Mercy Corps’ Action Center from the 17th of September till the 1st of January. We encourage you to stop by if you’re close by to get a sense of the conflict that is dominating so many people’s lives in this world today. We commend AptArt for their amazing and life-changing work they are doing and are proud and grateful to do our part!

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Finding Place: Street Art by Displaced Youth from Syria and Gaza

Partnership: www.mercycorps.org
Artist: www.herakut.de