Frau Isa is not your average artists. This is just one of her hats and she has many more hats to choose from. Illustrator, muralist, street artist, business owner and member of artist collective “The Weird”, can also be added to the pile. To name a few. Her imagination and clever use of color helps her figurative artwork cross many boundaries. Her stylistic approach references a graffiti past but speaks to an international audience beyond just graffiti or street art. And with an international exhibiting portfolio, limiting herself to one type of audience is obviously not her thing.

Bringing imagination to Mannheim

Take a look at the build up of the image here.

work in process


Final Wall

“Aeskulap” Mural by Frau ISA

As part of the SWK festival in Mannheim, Germany, Frau Isa joined by her husband and partner @Megeasingi as well as crew mate, Cone “The Weird”. Her large mural featuring two female figures in their length, is a beautiful and haunting image that is as intimate and close, as it is distant and as stylised. Her warm color pallet is a welcome addition to a work that remains feminine yet illustrative. With references to snakes, ambulances and church towers, the Montana GOLD can filled work is as unclear as it is stunning.

Website of Stadt.Wand.KunstFrau ISA

Images by Daniel Wetzel