With a strike rate of 44 greeting card style murals in 21, of the 52 American states, the scorecard for Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs is well and truly looking good. With an aim to paint their GREETINGS FROM murals in every state, this year things didn’t quite go to plan. As with every country on earth, the giant “PAUSE” button was pressed thanks to the spread of COVID and the ongoing restrictions of travel. Restrictions that came, and went, and then came again throughout the country. But that didn’t slow down their ambition to keep on going and to end the year they recently finished another amazing mural in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trying their luck in the desert city

On a building that has quite a unique history as a former laboratory used for atomic testing, the GREETINGS FROM LAS VEGAS mural was an outstanding success. The RV gave the couple some much-needed independence regarding sleep and food preparation, making their journey and stay as COVID safe as possible.

Thanks to a local wall owner and cultural activist Becky Miller, the lack of funding was met with an abundance of support. Including the location of the wall itself which now plays a part of one of the livelier LAS VEGAS art precincts. Take a look here at how the mural was made and don’t forget to see the letter guide below to decode the source of the imagery.

Letter Guide:
L — The Stratosphere (Vegas Strip), A — Luxor Hotel (Vegas Strip), S — The Linq (Vegas Strip), V — Dice, Cards, Poker Chips , E — Bugsy Siegel & Atom Bomb, G — Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area , A — Hoover Dam , S — Vegas Vic Neon Sign

All images by Lisa Beggs

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