The Caribbean island of St. Lucia has seen many changes since its first inhabitants arrived around 200 AD. However, in October 2022 they had some visitors of a different type that were there to add to its idyllic beauty. After a small pause with the addition of a baby to their family, Lisa and Victor of the Greetings From project set off to travel for the first time as a group of 3, to the spectacular Sugar Beach Resort.

The Greetings Tour goes tropical

As with all Greetings From murals, regardless of if there is a high level of planning and preparation, once the bags are packed and the plane is boarded, the rest is working with the challenges and hurdles that are thrown at you as artists. But for St. Lucia, there was, even more, preplanning required due to the lack of materials and resources for creating murals on the island. Nothing that months of preparation can’t fix and before they arrived their Montana Cans had been shipped in advance and were on site ready to go.

But tools and materials weren’t the only setbacks, potential tropical storms could have led to missed flights, and the constant rain and humidity could have also ended the project before its completion. Luckily this all came together which resulted in an amazing Greetings From St. Lucia painting, this time with a lot less excess time to explore the region that is otherwise rich in cultural history. Probably a good thing for baby Felix who had more time with his parents to calmly find their balance between work, parenthood, and playtime.

The visual code for the Greetings From St. Lucia mural is:

ST – Beach Scene – LU – Diamond Waterfall – CIA – the Pitons (Gros Piton & Petit Piton)

The Greetings From St. Lucia mural doesn’t just offer residents and visitors of the Sugar Beach Resort a little art to ponder when not being overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape. It also adds to the collection of art placed within the resort thanks to the owners existing interest in urban and contemporary art. A collection that already embraces the likes of Kaws, Daniel Arsham, Tom Sachs, and now the Greetings From team.

All images by photographer Lisa Beggs