Photographer Lisa Beggs and painter Victor Ving have decided to do what many would love to do, but probably never will. They have packed up their city lives and since April 2015 have been cruising through the US in their RV. Leaving behind a special type of gift in their chosen cities. Check out the latest work in San Diego here at the former Liberty Station Navel site which is now a bustling local community.





The Greetings Tour is a combination of photographic moments captured by Beggs, research and stories she captures from locals which are then translated into murals on selected locations by Ving, who uses his NY graffiti background to paint the source material into a classic 30’s to 50’s style giant wall sized greeting card. Inspired by the “Large Letter Postcard” from that period, Ving attempts to capture Beggs’s images and stories into various situations in each large letter of the cities name. No mean feat considering each mural aims to give something back to the community it is located in while documenting a piece of it’s past and present for a future audience.




All images by @LisaBeggs