The longest Glow In-The-Dark mural in the world with Montana GOLD Fluorescent and Nightglow Effect

The United Arab Emirates is a place of extremes. Extreme wealth and extremely dry just to name a couple. But in recent years it has also become known as the place for breaking records and setting new targets in human endeavour. The result BANE, PEST and MEATS of the Color Nomads Crew is amazing – created with Montana GOLD fluorescent colors and Montana Nightglow Effect. Check out what the guys achieved here!


BANE, PEST and MEATS of the Color Nomads Crew from Zurich, Switzerland, know exactly what we mean as they recently participated in a Guinness Book of Records attempt of the worlds largest Glow In The Dark painting. At 261qm that was no easy task. The painting had to be well thought out in 4 separate layers which enabled the desired glow in the dark effect to be reached, and more importantly be eligible for the record breaking attempt.


Keep pressure low – cooled down at outside temperature up to 45°C

First Layer: A normal execution of a piece in Monochrome in Montana GOLD colors.
Second Layer: A layer of UV TRANSPARENT EFFECT spray
Third Layer: Highlights and additions Montana GOLD Fluorescent colors
Fourth layer: Another full coat of UV TRANSPARENT EFFECT spray


Guinness Book: Longest Glow In-The-Dark mural


Montana NIGHTGLOW 400ml

High-grade acrylic paint which contains luminescence-pigments, that store light (absorbed energy) and emit the light in darkness. For best glow effects use Montana NIGHTGLOW in a completely dark environment without any light sources. Use a strong source of light to load the effect paint temporarily. The effect spray is suitable for all smooth, rough or light responding primed surfaces. e. g. metal, wood, hard plastics, primed carton, walls etc. Avavilable color: luminescent-green


Montana Gold Fluorescent 400ml

Montana GOLD spray paint is renowned for it’s brilliant fluorescent colors that not only radiate by day, but also glow warmly by night under UV light. Now there is a new color to the fluorescent range which has an added feature. The new Disco White F9100 appears like any other neutral white by day and becomes an eye catching fluorescent like glow by night color, under UV light! Single elements or objects can appear tastefully white in daylight, but by night stunning features under UV light!
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