How To – The Montana ACETONE / Cap Cleaner

montana-acetone-sprayMontana ACETONE spray also known as CAP CLEANER is a universal thinner and cleaning agent that is transparent in color. Removes residues of paint, lacquer, silicone, wax, tar, de-greasing. Suitable for pre-treatment before painting objects or to remove paint residues after painting. Can be used on porcelain, glass, ceramics, blank metals and others. Evaporates quickly without leaving residues.


Acetone also becomes a powerful general cleaning agent if applied pure in the context of removing superficial paint marks, dry paint dust, general grime, oils or hard wearing residues from surfaces about to be worked on. If applied to a surface that is reactive to acetone, it can also be applied aggressively as an etching fluid, leaving etched markings or indentations that can be incorporated into the art making process.


However the uses don’t stop there. As an ingredient in many solvent based paints, acetone functions perfectly as a thinning agent to decrease viscosity and increase the paints ability to flow in desired consistencies. This can offer many creative possibilities if the users wants to make varying grades of color density with one source of paint. Drips and flowing color can be created with paint that is otherwise thick and opaque. If applied to spray paint when still wet, the drying time is kept open longer and the surface of the paint can be manipulated by brush or any other mark making tool. See more Montana-Cans / How To videos.