Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation – During the first edition of the street art festival “City Canvas” in the city of Arkhangelsk in the Northwestern part of Russia, Wow123 painted a 279 m² masterpiece. From the 10th until the 17th of June – during the so called White Nights with practically daylight around the clock – the picture “Imaginary Lines” was created on a 18m wide and 15,5m high wall. The facade belongs to the building ­of the Artist’s Union of Arkhangelsk (Prospekt Sovetskich Kosmonavtov 178, 163000 Arkhangelsk). It belongs to a series of reasonably big mural paintings influenced by television test images, with whom Wow123 aka Markus Genesius received international acknowledgement. Wow123’s “testimages” could be seen as a symbol of the visuality of the irrelevant space. He deconstructs the TV test image in its graphical elements and fits it together anew with his graffiti styles. During the “City Canvas” festival Markus Genesius also showed students and pupils of the Art School Nr.1 the basics of Graffiti painting, worked together with residential graffiti artists in a graffiti jam and finally rated the best pictures of a sketch-battle. The latest version of Wow123’s work could be realized in Arkhangelsk with the organizers of the festival, Felix Oldewage (Robert Bosch Stiftung) and Mikhail Treshchev (Design Office “konfeta”).