Rome is not a city for the faint hearted. So if you want to be a writer in Rome, you need to keep your head down and your can up. And this case, your Montana BLACK up. LA FRANZ knows this all to well. She loves graffiti, but not always graffiti writers. With a style that is vibrant, dynamic and FRESH, she pays homage to graffiti’s greats but is working on that strong foundation to create new colorful energetic letters. And she is doing her own thing, her own way. This has been going on since 2004 she is proving that she is here to stay. INTRODUCING GRAFFITI ARTIST LA FRANZ

With beginnings based in Napoli, at a time when only a handful of active writers were painting detailed complex work, it was most likely a rough transition to the BIG city mentality of Rome, where works are created and gone over in days depending on context. As such we are all the more grateful to share these images captured in all their photographic glory.

Prepare to be impressed here as LA FRANZ takes the visual wheel

All Images by the Artist

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