Latest Murals by Hendrik Beikirch for Siberia Series

Latest artworks of Hendrik Beikirch and upcoming exhibition at Droste Gallery in March 2017 – Beikirch is currently still working on his latest Siberia series. Here are some recent artworks that have been painted in Lahore, Pakistan and Parma, Italy in late 2016. The Siberia series will consist of 33 monochrome portraits in total, 11 mural paintings as well as 22 artworks on canvas. Compared to former series of the artist there will be 33 individual portraits shown on wall and canvas, none of them will be identic. More artworks are beeing created during the year and some can already be seen at the upcoming exhibition in March in Wuppertal…

Hendrik Beikirch, Monochrome portrait “Sasha” 2016, Parma, Italy

Hendrik Beikirch is well known for his portraits and huge murals worldwide, one of the highest murals can be found in Butan, South Korea. Six murals of the current Siberia Series have been created so far. More info about Hendrik Beikirch on the artist’s website or on the upcoming Exhibition “Treasures” in Wuppertal, Germany in March 2017.

Upcoming Exhibition “Hendrik Beikirch – Treasures”

Galery Droste in Wuppertal, Germany. The show starts from 18th of March and runs till May, 7th 2017. The exhibition “Treasures” will show the first 8 artworks on canvas of 10 existing portraits of the Siberia Series.

Copyright © Photography by Hendrik Beikirch, Nils Müller and art is just a four letter word

See also the the giant mural on 900 square meters that was created last year as part of the Stadt.Wand.Kunst Project in Mannheim, supported and co-initiated by MONTANA-CANS. Beikirch painted a monochrome portrait of an elder women “Vera” as part of his recent Siberia series… Latest Murals Hendrik Beikirch ECB Siberia Series
Latest Murals Hendrik Beikirch ECB Siberia Series

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