The School of Disobedience (“Die Schule des Ungehorsams” as it is in German), may sound like a nice place to study. But it is infact the name of the organization behind the Austrian graffiti jam, Linzer Graffiti Meeting. For the second time around on September 20th and 21st – 2019, the old Tabakfabrik (Tobacco factory) in Linz played host to this extremely well rounded creative gathering. Why is it well rounded you ask? Apart from the fact that there are throw-up battles, breakdance battles, live music, DJ’s a skate jam and enough wall space to facilitate 100+ artists, there was also a passenger train carriage that was available to paint completely!

With literally one tonne of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans shared amongst all the artists, the line-up included the talents of graffiti allstars Loomit, Case, Burns, Trus, Twist, Monkey, Phekt, Fader, Cone Sizetwo and Shue. And for those of not having seen a train painted by Loomit in a long time, now is your chance as his graffiti roots were put to the test in the creation of a one man wholecar.

Walls, trains and everything in between

But the light shined on everyone, as all artists put their best foot forward. Every discipline of graffiti was featured from style writing to figurativism. With the dust only just settling, it is no doubt that 2020 will another major event for the European graffiti calendar. Until then, take a moment to enjoy the artworks in 2019.

Images by spraycity.at