Although the Hamburg based artists the LOW BROS make art that is retro-futuristic, they are by no means retro in their thinking. In a recent mural in the suburb of St. Pauli in Hamburg, the artists took their keen eye on the digital age and explored the concept of food and our modern relationship to eating it. In a mural titled “Happy Meal”, the artwork takes the site of a former supermarket (the now site of the “Affenfaust Gallery”), and transforms it into a statement on the way we consume food. Particularly the hot topic of meat and dairy products and all that stems around the production of this industry. Even though we today have an overflow of information and knowledge about the negative effects of over production and over consumption of food, concepts like the “Happy Meal” still exist.

A “Happy Meal” to think about

With everything they could thrown at this idea, the LOW BROS unite their trade mark wolf, digitized pop-up windows and even the famous blue and white color way of the famous German supermarket chain, ALDI. The result is a Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD fueled head turner with a little something for everyone. It’s always nice when a building nurturing art, is covered itself in art. It’s even nicer when that art looks impressive and has a message beyond just aesthetics. Take a look for yourself here and see which references you can relate to?

Photos by Claas de Buhr