If the LOW BROS were called the HIGH ROLLERS instead, you probably wouldn’t even blink an eye lid if the quality of their work is anything to go by. Christoph and Florin Schmidt, (AKA) Nerd and Qbrk, (AKA) LOW BROS have had a busy recent past filled with some impressive large and smaller scale work. If you have not yet checked out the 2018 MontanaCans LOOKBOOK, you may not have realised the duo’s productivity of late.


Low Bros last year's highlights

Portrait by Lena Kunz

Born in Hamburg Germany, located in culture capital Berlin, the LOW BROS have been making a name for themselves keeping the flavour of 80’s imagery alive. Particularly their trade marked teen wolf motif which seems to pop up on the regular. With a full bag of technical skills and the ability to make a Montana GOLD or BLACK do what ever they want, the LOW BROS are a dynamic duo turning color and geometry of the retro bent, into something refreshing and contemporary. Many of their recent artworks and murals were made and exhibited across the globe. We were lucky enough to have them share some of the highlights with us here.

Low Bros last year's highlights



With one of the most unique aesthetics in Contemporary Street Art; Retro Futuristic duo The Low Bros are made up of Berlin based brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt. Together, they examine the contradictions associated with identity in a digital age.



Installation at Juxtapoz Clubhouse 2017

LOW BROS are represented by Golden Hands Gallery (Hamburg) and Mirus Gallery (San Francisco). Follow the two brothers for constant updates and news on their blog or instagram channel!


Photography by LOW BROS