Our Stadt.Wand.Kunst or City.Wall.Art project is growing and growing. Our latest addition is by local Mannheim-based book illustrator and performance artist Mehrdad Zaeri. A former police building in the downtown of Mannheim has been reborn and has become home to The Freedome-Tester. Zaeri’s illustrative style does not only work fantastically in books but also has a staggering effect as a large-scale mural. Together with his wife Christina Laube the pieced together his design bird by bird over a period of ten days. The result is impressive. We’re happy to include local artists to the roster of artists for our project and as Zaeri has proven, there’s no lacking in quality here. His Freedome-Tester can bee seen live in B6, 4 in Mannheim.

Stadt-Wand-Kunst-Mehrdad-tag5-7370Stadt-Wand-Kunst-Mehrdad-7269 Stadt-Wand-Kunst-Mehrdad-7276 Stadt-Wand-Kunst-Mehrdad-7271 Stadt-Wand-Kunst-Mehrdad-73041607-mehrdad-SWK-final-8196 Kopie

Images by Manuel Wagner