We were lucky to have some old friends in our and their „hometown“ for some incredible Moral action. Herakut – an artist duo from Heidelberg and Schmalkalden, Germany – began their creative journey as Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) and Akut (Falk Lehmann) and joined forces in 2004. They have been creating large-scale art all over the world ever since. We have worked with them on many previous occasion and are happy to call them friends. This special bond sweetened the news that they were to be creating a mural right on our doorstep metaphorically speaking. The exceptional duo As a part of the urban art festival Metropolink they have brought their smooth creational process to an optimum, creating imagery that has both illustrative and photorealistic depth. With their expressive characters they tell stories of the world and this specific one can now be found on Philipp-Otto-Runge-Straße 1 in the Heidelberg district of Rohrbach. Stop by and check out their latest mural.

Images by Montana Cans | Alexander Krziwanie

Metropolink presents- Herakut in Heidelberg