A movement as diverse as the societies we live in, Contemporary Urban Art provides home to artists and creatives of many sorts and trades. Regardless its styles, directions and outlets, they all share the love for a common background: Graffiti. Mikael B Vivid Rhythms Mural in Los Angeles

So does Copenhagen-born artist Mikael “B” Brandrup, who created his artistic language from elements of Graffiti, Graphic Design, Geometric shapes and a bold, striking color palette. His art comes to life on various mediums, in a particularly exciting way through the discipline of large scale murals. Mikael grew up painting “KETS” in Copenhagen, which until today hosts one of the most advanced and active Graffiti scenes throughout Europe. Nowadays, his candid, expressive works catch the eyes of experts and rookie art lovers alike, helping help him not only to gather a large international fellowship, but a long list of collaborations with major global tech companies and sportswear brands. No wonder Mikael chooses Montana Black as his tool of choice for many of his projects, as they provide the ideal specs: speed, premium quality & a massive color space.

With the help of 700 cans from Graphaids and Montana Cans USA and over 2 kilometers of masking tape, Mikael completed his largest mural to date: A breathtaking multi-façade mural of 860 square meters for downtown L.A.- based artist residence, gallery, theatre and overall creative thinktank Art Share L.A.Vivid Rhythms” can be visited from today, for the opening, Art Share will host an Artist Reception with Mikael in their central gallery on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018.

About the artist
Born and raised in Copenhagen/Denmark, Mikael moved to L.A. to continue building his success in international Contemporary Urban Art. A huge influence of his early years as a graffiti artist can be recognized within his aesthetic and artistic language. His expressive, bold and uncompromising works on canvas and paper, as well as prints, murals or digital is be found in galleries, homes and offices and on walls and screens globally. His list of clients and partners include Google, Nike, American Express, LinkedIn, Heineken and many more.

Artist Page – www.shop.mikael-b.com

Images by Mickie Poulsen