KEAR x Montana ACRYLIC markers Locking it down in LOCKDOWN
The beauty of the Montana ACRYLIC markers and refills is that you can use them in the luxury of your own home. And therein lies the key to staying happy and creative during LOCKDOWN.

We won’t even mention the “C” word. Instead, let’s shine the spotlight on Swedish artist KEAR. As featured in a previous post, KEAR has been rocking graffiti styles for as long as he could hold a Montana GOLD, or BLACK can in his hand. From the comfort of his Stockholm abode, we were lucky enough to catch him in action as his restrictions to the outside world during LOCKDOWN, resulted in some unrestricted, ultra-high quality, self-reflective, home studio work.  Starting with a classic KEAR sketch and some layering with Montana ACRYLIC Fine markers and an airbrush loaded with ACRYLIC refills, it didn’t take long till the details went on and the outline with the Extra Fine markers sealed the gaps. The stunning piece a true credit to his graffiti capabilities. The PUBB crew member put the icing on the cake with some Montana GLOSS VARNISH to make his artwork truly shine! Take a moment here to join KEAR in his creative world, and see the artwork come to life.

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