The GREETINGS TOUR project by artist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs has found a welcome place to be shared regularly on the Montana Cans blog. Many of the post card mural destinations and the stories behind them have been shared in all their beauty. Often uncovering facts and stories that will be archived into public art history. But what about the two protagonists of this story? How did this dream become a reality and where did the seed from this dream even come from? In a recent film the dynamic duo scratch under the surface of their story and share some background as to how it came about.

More than just another destination

“Seeing this country from top to bottom, that’s the dream”. A statement from Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving that can be related to by many people, in many countries. It is a massive positive that two happened to live in the U.S.A., one of the biggest and most naturally diverse countries on the planet.

“Seeing this country from top to bottom, that’s the dream”.Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs

Watch as the brushes paint the pictures, Montana GOLD and BLACK cans spray the spray paint and the feet of Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving climb the ladders that help make their postcard mural project such a big success. Not to mention the amazing people, landscape and sun sets the pair have managed to capture on film. Join the GREETINGS TOUR here.

All images by Lisa Beggs

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