Nowadays in crafting, any kind of object is a reusable object, and any reusable object is fair game! We present to you: Hamburg-based DIY-buff Jessica Stuckstätte with a cool project for making a stylish, yet practical plant pot out of… yes, an old plastic bottle, the holy grail of trash! For this project you will need an emptied and cleaned plastic bottle with the label removed, some baking paper, an iron, a precision knife, a large binder clip, a couple of cans in your favorite colors from our Montana GOLD series and a Montana ACRYLIC marker in a coordinating color. MONTANA DIY PROJECT 04 UPCYCLED BOTTLE

Step one will be cutting your plastic bottle in half with your precision knife. Keep in mind to make the edge as straight as possible. Next you are going to want to melt those sharp edges down, not only to smooth them out but also to make any kind of unevenness in your cut disappear in to… well, steam. Cover the surface of your preheated iron with baking paper to protect your iron and melt down the edges by twisting the rough edges of the bottle against the baking paper. The plastic of the bottle and the iron should never come into direct contact. Once you have those edges smooth, it’s time to decorate the „pot“. Using the binder clip secure the bottle and start painting the “pot” with your Montana ACRYLIC marker. Jessica went for a layered look in her design, starting with a 15mm ACRYLIC Marker and layering 3 additional colors on top.

You can create any design you’d like. Make sure to cover all sides of the pot while designing. The great thing about the Montana ACRYLIC and GOLD series is that they can be combined so well because both paints are acrylic-based. Once the paint is dry their finish is so similar it’s impossible to tell which was created with which tool. For a really cool effect, try covering your whole project with the Montana CRACKLE effect spray. During the drying process it will crack and reveal your colorful design underneath. As always when working with spray paints make sure to shake well to mix all those luscious pigments into your paint…

Tadah! You’re finished. Transfer your potted plant and enjoy your new eye-catcher. Handmade by you!

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