NADA aka Frida Stiil Vium for POW! WOW! Sweden

The Swedish city of Helsingborg has steadily been working toward the well-earned goal of being an international mural festival destination. For the last 5 years the, Artstreethbg festival has been paving the way for this very moment, the inaugural hosting of the POW! WOW! Sweden. The lineup of artists boasted both local, and international artists from Sweden, Scandinavia, and Europe. One of the lucky creators was the Danish artist’s NADA (aka Frida Stiil Vium). Representing the city of Aalborg herself, NADA does not seem to be affected by coming from a small city. her larger than life artwork was courageously placed on a corrugated iron wall surface that was in the unique shape of a semi-circle. “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”, is a question similar to that which most viewers would ask themselves, “which came first, the semi-circle design, or the correct shaped building to facilitate it”? Regardless of the answer, NADA seems to have managed to find the right image for the right building.

“Which came first, the semi-circle design, or the correct shaped building to facilitate it”?

Her engaging design features a grayscale tiger, appearing to roar at onlookers. While in contrast, a peacock plumage of feathers seems to be the tail end of the powerful creature. Framed in a black background and the semi-circular form of the building it is painted on, NADA‘s choice of Montana GOLD and BLACK colors seems to offer harmony to the intriguing scene. A prize to the impressive collection created at the first-ever POW! WOW! Sweden event, 2021 showed that it is only the beginning for the second-ever European POW! WOW! host city. Bringing with it the usual display of music, food, and art, we are sure that there are many great years of POW! WOW! Sweden to come. Until then, fill yourself with color and inspiration here:

Photography by POW!WOW! Sweden, Chaleena Ukositkul, Nadine Flatt, Raul Raschetti

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