The Austrian city of Linz has long taken steps to reclaim its harbor space. For many years now graffiti writers, urban artists, and selected artists from many street orientations have been making the pilgrimage to the city to leave their mark, or check out the marks of others. Over the years those very same marks have been growing in every possible shape, color, and size, thanks to the assistance of the city of Linz and thousands of Montana GOLD and BLACK cans.

More murals, more color

In 2022 the size and quality did not let up. The harbor, although private property, has the blessing of the residents who support the constant development of their work place which has become a recognized international open-air gallery. In a daring shift, the artworks that were often viewer-friendly and urban art-orientated have now also taken on an edgy graffiti aesthetic. As the confidence of the artists grows, so do the types and sizes of wall spaces they choose to paint on. This year also featured some classic silverchrome and black graffiti blockbusters. Pieces that hovered many meters above the ground and were masterfully executed to proportion by hanging writers as they abseiled down the facade of the building. Armed only with Montana spray cans and a drive to communicate to the masses. Another edgy edition of note was the European interpretation of Pichação, a hand-style orientated graffiti practice that is often seen in Brasil. This new edition neighbored the sizeable blockies in even harder-to-reach spaces and angles.

Taken on an edgy graffiti aesthetic

But it didn’t end there. The colors moved off the walls as the local transport trucks and the misplaced (but much loved) Münich subway car also got a new look. This is a look that is seen by many visitors who frequent Mural Harbor both off the radar or on it via guided tours. Or even more so by the residents and visitors of Linz who are lucky enough to see the harbor transporters commuting throughout the city loaded with goods for delivery.

Colors moved off the walls and onto moving objects

Things are on the move visually in Linz and the Mural Harbor region is a jewel in the crown of the Austrian landscape. If you can’t make it there to see for yourself, take a look here at some of the works from Mural Harbor 2022.

All images by Mural Harbor