This week, Alexey Luka visited Mannheim to participate in the STADT.WAND.KUNST project. The Moscow-based artist spend a few days at the mural painting it in his typical abstract style. Choosing warm natural colors from the MONTANA GOLD Palette, he found a way to integrate his abstract shapes harmonically into the cityscape. Alexey Luka took elements from the environment and implemented them tenderly into his concept for the mural. Visiting our MONTANA-CANS HQ we had the chance to ask him some questions…

Can you tell us something about your artistic background?

I started with graffiti when I was younger, and then studied architecture at Moscow Architecture Institute which inspired me a lot. Even today I am still taking a lot of inspiration from graffiti and architecture. Generally, I try to combine different media like canvases and collages.

Which are your biggest influences?

It might sound like a cliché but I am influenced by old Russian architecture, the wooden ones. Also, the Russian Avantgarde is something I like a lot. In general, I would say traveling is another big factor. Whenever I go to other cities, they of course inspire me, too.

How do you feel about the Stadt-Wand-Kunst project in general?

It is a good thing! Perfectly organized – and I like the building a lot because it is not flat but more detailed. Not a regular white wall I often work with ­– it has unique angles to react to.

When working in public spaces – do you have different conceptual ambitions compared to your studio work?

The main methods I work with are the same, nevertheless it is always something special to work big scale. I try to let the artwork integrate into the given environment. I think it is important to respect the people living here and passing the mural. I don’t want my art to be stressful for them.

Interview with Alexey Luka by Leonie Specht / MONTANA-CANS


Can you tell us something about the artwork?

There is kind of a motif inside the painting. It is not about geometry. Actually, I am trying to make everyone see something different in my paintings. Something only they can see. I don’t want to express things too straight.

What do you like about the Montana GOLD line? What do you normally use?

I like the color palette a lot! I mix a lot of different medias. For canvas I usually work with acrylic colors, for murals I also use the Montana BLACK line a lot, for its higher pressure.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I just had a 2 person show in Saarbrücken with SWIZ from Paris, and also painted a mural there for the ARTWALK Saarbrücken. After the STADT.WAND.KUNST Project I will exhibit in Moscow with Misha Buryj at RuArts Gallery in May.


Photography by © Alexander Krziwanie / MONTANA-CANS

About the artist

Alexey Luchko (Luka) was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1983. Genuinely established in the graffiti scene he studied architecture at at Moscow Architecture Institute. Alexey Luka developed a constructivist style with high recognition value. Influencing the Russian contemporary art scene, he usually works with abstract shapes and lines. His large, colorful artworks have been exhibited all over Europe.

More about Alexey Luka on his Website and Instagram


Inviting national and international street artists to paint murals in the city center of Mannheim, STADT.WAND.KUNST is a cultural initiative dedicated to embellish the cityscape through artworks in public spaces.